Setting up OpenVPN client on iOS

It goes without saying that it might be a good idea to be careful about what you do on an unsecured wifi. And there are times, such as when travelling, when the only connectivity option is a public, unsecured wifi.

Normally, you just avoid doing anything sensitive while on such connection, but during longer trips, for example, it might be difficult.

There are tons of VPN providers nowadays and these usually make your client setup as easy as possible, but if you want to use your own server for this then for some reason I found that the client configuration part can still take time as the documentation is a bit suboptimal to say the least.

Anyways, long story short, the client configuration is acutally straightforward.
You only need to import one configuration file into your iOS device and in this file you can copy/paste all the certs and key.

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Xbox and Latvia don’t mix well

Depending on how you define a gamer, I’m pretty sure I don’t fall into that category. That said, I do like to play something from time to time.

Over the last xmas holidays I did have the chance to play a bit of Xbox with some friends and decided to buy one for myself. As I have an old PS3 I thought that Xbox One would be something to try. Change, is good they say, right?

People say that PS4 has better graphics, but damn, stuff looks great as is even on the Xbox One (at least to me).

Games do take some time  load, this can be a bit annoying, no idea how long are the load times on PS4, but I guess I can live with that as well.

So overall life is great if you can ignore some minor issues.

Of course, living in the Eastern block means there are also problems.

Xbox Live

So nowadays it appears that regardless which console you choose, you must also buy some sort of subscription to be able to play online (despite the fact that you already spent like 70 eur on the game). But OK, fine.

Recently on a trip to US I bought a 12 month subscription for my precious new Xbox. Quite frustrating turned out to be the day when I tried activating it because, behold, Latvia is not a supported country and therefore no playing online for you folks (not officially at least)!

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Switching from a MacBook to HP Spectre

I’ve been using a mid 2013 MacBookPro for the last 3 years now and it was time to do a personal tech refresh sort of thing.

After latest macbooks being kind of a disappointment and also the dongle life being a factor (at least for now, in 2017), I decided to do something kind of radical and buy a windows laptop.

I have owned couple of non-Apple laptops in the past and they were awful. But nowadays the situation seems to be changing rapidly and there are quite a few reasonable choices on the market.

For me, the main contestants were:

  • Surface book
  • Dell XPS 13
  • HP Spectre x360

After some research and watching review videos I decided to go with HP Spectre x360.

Surface book, is expensive and lacks USB-C ports, which is a non-issue today but might become important a year or two from now.

Dell XPS 13 has a really weird camera placement.

So anyways, HP it was.

It’s certainly a change. To move from unix to windows OS is one thing.

But to move from Apple’s perfectionist obsession over every minor detail in the hardware to HP’s wannabe copying of Apple is something you just have to live with I guess.

After using this machine for half a month or so I must say that the hardware and the “feel” is what I dislike the most. Windows itself nowadays is quite usable and has all the tools I need.

More on the topic in the future.