Xbox and Latvia don’t mix well

Depending on how you define a gamer, I’m pretty sure I don’t fall into that category. That said, I do like to play something from time to time.

Over the last xmas holidays I did have the chance to play a bit of Xbox with some friends and decided to buy one for myself. As I have an old PS3 I thought that Xbox One would be something to try. Change, is good they say, right?

People say that PS4 has better graphics, but damn, stuff looks great as is even on the Xbox One (at least to me).

Games do take some time  load, this can be a bit annoying, no idea how long are the load times on PS4, but I guess I can live with that as well.

So overall life is great if you can ignore some minor issues.

Of course, living in the Eastern block means there are also problems.

Xbox Live

So nowadays it appears that regardless which console you choose, you must also buy some sort of subscription to be able to play online (despite the fact that you already spent like 70 eur on the game). But OK, fine.

Recently on a trip to US I bought a 12 month subscription for my precious new Xbox. Quite frustrating turned out to be the day when I tried activating it because, behold, Latvia is not a supported country and therefore no playing online for you folks (not officially at least)!

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