Battlefield 4 campaign sucks and games in general

Yes, this is probably common knowledge in the gamer community, but it was a bit surprising to me since I’m no gamer.
Imagine, you are shooting your way through the mission and you have couple of good guys with you, yet they can’t seem to shoot anyone and they also never die. They are worse than worthless as they create the illusion of you having some assistance which is not true.
Next example, you need to fetch a missile launcher but one of your guys is standing in front of stairs that you need to take in order to get that said launcher. And the only solution is to shoot your own guy. It’s even on reddit.

Guess I should have read the reviews. But i’s ok as I only spent 10 euros on the game as it is quite old and the multiplayer is quite OK.

Why am I writing all this? Well, I have an old (by todays standard) PS3 console. It usually just sits and collects dust but from time to time I do get the urge to play something, so I buy some older game, play for a week or two and move on. This is actually quite interesting, new games cost 40 – 60 euros. In a year they cost only 20-30 and in 2 years you can get them for a price of a movie ticket. It’s not that I’m cheap, but somehow I can’t bring myself to pay 60 euros for a game that I might get bored with in a week.