For I while now I wanted to complete the Linux Foundation Certified Sysadmin exam and this week I did it. Yay!

If you’re a linux admin then this will not present too much difficulty to pass it. The LF certification page explains what domains and competencies will be tested and this can be used to prep for exam if needed.

The exam format is really cool, you get a console access to a linux vm (several choices of distros) and you are asked to do various sysadmin tasks. Nothing too complicated but might be something you don’t get to do too often.

I truly enjoyed the tasks and I learned a couple of new arguments to commands while doing them (you are free to use the man pages during the exam).

You get 2 hours to complete the tasks and that still allows you some time for readig man pages if needed.

For my preparation I spent two evenings reviewing the required domains and competencies and I passed the exam with a score of 92%.

Try it, it’s fun and interesting and at the end you get to add something to your resume.