First time I heard about Plex was perhaps 2-3 years ago. A friend of mine was traveling from the US to EU was telling how he’s watching (streaming) movies from his home server on his tablet and how perfectly it all works.

Until now I’ve always had some sort of home media server, some storage box that keeps my media.
For the last couple of years it has been an HP MicroServer running FreeBSD with ZFS.

At home I use a RaspberryPi connected to my TV that runs KODI and mounts media share from the FreeBSD box. This works ok. Scripts run periodically to pull subtitles and shares can be mounted wherever.

But there’s a new challenge. I now spend more and more time between two cities and my media being at home sort of sucks as there’s no simple way of accessing it. Yes I do have a VPN but still.
Also accessing media from mobile seems like a great thing to have when on the go.

So I heard about Plex being good at supporting FreeBSD a week ago and I’m giving it a try.
First impression – poorly documented configuration (in case you have several subnets at home it does not work at all by default) but other than that seems quite capable. Will have to try out the premium features.